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          “You can’t have a perfect day without doing something for someone who’ll never be able to repay you.”  John Wooden


Kindness & Generosity

Participating is easy. It’s best to be prepared to do this. Below are a few tips to prepare yourself for this activity.

  • From our website print out ‘TipYourBill’ cards and trim them.

  • If you pay with cash, keep extra bills, coins and ‘TipYourBill’ cards with you.

  • When done with your meal write on the store receipt in the tip area, "".

  • Leave a ‘TipYourBill’ card for the server and always add a personal note on the back.

  • Snap a phone photo of your bill with your message or card showing tip amount. Cover your name for security.

  • If you do Instagram, post it to Instagram, @TipYourBill or Facebook.

Tip Your


How To

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