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“The value of a person resides in what he Gives and NOT in what he is capable of Receiving.” Albert Einstein

Kindness & Generosity

Thank you for dropping into! This is the home for the nationwide movement where very generous people leave the same amount in a tip, as the bill. For example if your bill was $42.28 the tip is $42.28.

You are probably here for only three reasons.

  1. Someone recently tipped you well and left a card or message that brought you here.

  2. While searching Google for the appropriate tip to be left, we caught your attention.

  3. You may have heard about this movement through a friend, news story or other means.


The idea is simple.
What ever the final bill is for your meal or service, the tip is an equal amount.

This is accomplished by either leaving a message on the merchant receipt for the server, or most will print out ‘TipYourBill’ cards from this site and leave them with a personal hand written message on the back of the card.

We make no money from this website. All persons associated with this movement are volunteers. We desire no recognition for our work and wish to remain anonymous. Our only desire is to encourage outrageous generosity to those working in the service industry.

Tip Your



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